Faculty Leader:  Rory Truex
Meeting Day/Time:  Tuesdays 12:00-1:20 PM
Location:  127 Corwin

Papers are posted the Friday afternoon before each presentation.  Members of the department may download them by clicking the presentation title in the table below.


Date Presenter Topic Discussant Year of Study/Purpose
09/14/21   Workshop Introduction    
09/21/21 Will Horne Changing the Face of the Party: How Political Parties Use Candidate Selection to Influence Voter Perceptions   Practice Job Talk
09/28/21 Grigore Pop-Eleches Covid and Community: How Community Norms Shape Pandemic Responses Even in Partisan America Yuhan Zheng Faculty Presentation
10/05/21 Eli Rau Partisanship as Cause, Not Consequence, of Participation   Practice Job Talk
10/12/21 Tiffany Simon Happiness and Political Behavior in Authoritarian Regimes Elizabeth Tsurkov Dissertation Chapter
10/26/21 Lewis Krashinsky Across the Detroit River: The Electoral Divergence of the White Working Class in North America Jack Lattimore Dissertation Prospectus
11/02/21 Carrie Barnett Perceived Norms and the Politics of Women’s
Rights in Morocco
  Practice Job Talk
11/09/21 No Meeting      
11/16/21 Xiaoxiao Shen

How Individuals React to Propaganda When It Appeals to Distinct Psychological Needs: A bottom-up view to understand the heterogeneous propaganda effects



Perry Carter Dissertation Chapter
11/23/21  No Seminar      
11/30/21 Elizabeth Tsurkov Broke but not Broken: Explaining the Resilience of Clientelistic Networks Failing to Deliver Isabelle DeSisto Dissertation Prospectus
12/07/21 Jacob Tucker Emotional Responses to Threat and Attitudes Toward Repression Huseyin Emre Ceyhun Dissertation Prospectus
01/25/22 (Virtual) Beatriz Barros Band-Aid Solutions:  Competition, Capacity, and Health Service Delivery in Brazil Narrelle Gilchrist Dissertation Chapter



Yutian An    Viivi Jarvi Dissertation Prospectus
02/08/22 Lina Skoglund The Geography of Anti-State Defiance   Dissertation Prospectus
02/15/22 Perry Carter Loss, Ambiguity, and Political Behavior Elaine Yao Dissertation Chapter
02/22/22 Jey Alizade Police, Political Parties, and the Politics of
Immigration and Crime
Thomas Tichelbaecker Dissertation Chapter
03/01/22 Thomas Tichelbaecker Drivers and consequences of strong (local) parties:
Evidence from post-WWII Germany
Will Horne Dissertation Prospectus
03/15/22 No Seminar      
03/22/22 Nancy Tang, Emre Ceyhun, and Hani Warith

Towards a Research Agenda for Studying Reproductive Politics in Comparative Political Science, and a Case Study in Authoritarian Reproductive Reversal



Tough Love: The Complementarity of Repression and Co-optation
in Authoritarian Survival


The Origins of Affective Polarization in the Contemporary Middle East

Greg Amusu 591 Panel
03/29/22 Jack Lattimore, Yuhan Zheng, and Shourya Sen

Linking National Identity, Political Communication,
and Affective Polarization


Perceived Inequality, Responsiveness and
Redistribution Provision as an Equilibrium


Coalitions, Co-optation, and the Politics of Policy Concessions in Authoritarian Regimes

Jey Alizade 591 Panel
04/05/22 No meeting      
04/12/22 Mishella Romo Rivas and Viivi Jarvi

The Politics of Executive Aggrandizement: Exploring Court LegitimacyAs a Pathway to Constraining Executives in Polarized Democracies



Who moderates, how, and why? Explaining Authoritarian Successor Party Stances on Democracy

Yutian An 591 Panel
04/19/22 Elaine Yao Coordination and Collective Action in Decentralized Settings Yingjie Fan Dissertation Prospectus
05/03/22 Gregory Amusu Kicking the State Back Out: Ethnic Autonomy
Under Authoritarianism
Shourya Sen Dissertation Prospectus