Faculty Leader: Andreas Wiedemann
Meeting Day/Time: Tuesdays 12:00-1:20 PM
Location: 002 Robertson Hall

Papers are posted the Friday afternoon before each presentation. Members of the department may download them by clicking the presentation title in the table below.







09/06/2022   Welcome and Introduction    
09/13/2022 Xu Xu State Building and Civil Servant Fever in Contemporary China     
09/20/2022 Tiffany Barron The Ethics of Revolt: Just War, Moral Agency, and Civil Conflict   Practice Job Talk
09/27/2022 Mohammad Isaqzadeh Reassessing the Causal Relationship between Religiosity and Political Violence: Evidence from Afghanistan and Beyond   Practice Job Talk
10/04/2022 Xiaoxiao Shen When Propaganda Resonates   Practice Job Talk
10/11/2022 Alex Kerchner Analyzing Parliamentary Speech with Word Embeddings Jack Lattimore Standard Research Presentation
10/25/2022 *CANCELLED* Arantxa Rodriguez-Uribe Living Inside the Invisible Frontier Elaine Yao Standard Research Presentation
11/01/2022 Hans Lueders “Not Always Backlash: The Rise of Refugee Support Organizations During the European Refugee Crisis” Alexander Kercher Standard Research Presentation
11/01/2022 Sergi Martínez Soler "Type of Violence and Ingroup Identity: Evidence from the Spanish Civil War" Narrelle Gilchrist  Standard Research Presentation


*Location Change: Robertson 016*

Elaine Yao Brook no compromise: How to negotiate a united front Shourya Sen Standard Research Presentation
11/15/2022 Perry Carter  Abkhazia turns out to have been ours: Using narrative graphs to study elite influence on individual perceptions Isabelle DeSisto  Standard Research Presentation
11/29/2022  Yuhan Zheng & Arantxa Rodriguez-Uribe Demand and Supply of Redistribution in BrazilLiving Inside the Invisible Frontier Viivi Jarvi & Elaine Yao Dissertation Prospectus



Viivi Jarvi Who moderates, how, and why? Explaining (Shifts in) Authoritarian Successor Party Commitment to an Authoritarian Past Yuhan Zheng Dissertation Prospectus


*Location Change: Bendheim House 103

Huseyin Emre Ceyhun Rise of elderly: How has digital media changed authoritarian social contract? Yingjie Fan Dissertation Prospectus
02/14/2023 Nancy Yun Tang Seeing Like a Queer Movement: A Study of LGBTQ Mobilization in Authoritarian Contexts  Huseyin Emre Ceyhun Dissertation Prospectus
02/21/2023 Lewis Krashinsky Across the Detroit River: The Electoral Divergence of the North American White Working-Class Lina Skoglund Standard Research Presentation
02/28/2023 Shourya Sen Archipelago Autocracy: Coalition Building and the Management
of Social Conflict in Authoritarian Regimes
Greg Amusu Dissertation Prospectus
03/07/2023 Yingjie Fan & Isabelle DeSisto Economic Nationalism in China & The Long Term Legacies of Soviet Repression in Moldova Jacob Tucker & Anna Houk 591 Paper Panel
03/14/2023 No Meeting: Spring Recess      
03/21/2023 Hannah Kazis-Taylor & Narrelle Gilchrist Statism and Democratic Backsliding in TunisiaPulling Apart or Pushing Together? The Impact of Rising Insecurity on National Pride and Social Trust in Nigeria Hani F. Abdel-Warith & Viivi Jarvi 591 Paper Panel
03/28/2023 Hani F. Abdel-Warith Fellahin into Frenchmen: Contestation, Education and (Autocratic) Consolidation in the Postcolonial World Hannah Kazis-Taylor  Dissertation Prospectus


*Location Change: Bendheim House 103

Greg Amusu Vietnam (1954-1976) Tiffany Barron Standard Research Presentation
04/11/2023 Mishella Romo Rivas Horizontal Accountability or Weaponization of Law? The Politics of Accountability in Latin America Yutian An (on Zoom) Dissertation Prospectus
04/18/2023 Lina Skoglund  TBD Florian Sichart  Standard Research Presentation 
04/25/2023 Tiffany Simon Policies of Happiness and Citizen Response in Gulf States Nancy Yun Tang Standard Research Presentation


*Location Change: Bendheim House 103

Jacob Tucker Authoritarian Support During Sustained Conflict Perry Carter Standard Research Presentation
05/09/2023 Yutian An (on Zoom) Potentially on judicial review and police accountability Mishella Romo Rivas Standard Research Presentation
05/16/2023 Anna Houk TBD Tiffany Simon Dissertation Prospectus