Faculty Leader: Elizabeth Nugent
Meeting Day/Time: Tuesdays 12:00-1:20 PM
Location: 127 Corwin Hall

Papers are posted the Friday afternoon before each presentation. Members of the department may download them by clicking the presentation title in the table below.

Co-Sponsored by Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies, Bobst Center for Peace and Justice, Princeton School of International Affairs, and Ogden Fund for Development of Global Civil Society and Democracy







09/05/2023 Perry Carter An Impassable Road to Glory: Loss and Participation in the Republic of Armenia   Practice Job Talk
09/12/2023 Jeyhun Alizade The Electoral Politics of Immigration and Crime   Practice Job Talk
09/19/2023 Aurora Sun COVID-19 Diplomacy & Authoritarian Ambitions Laura Howells Dissertation Chapter
09/26/2023 Lina Skoglund The Revolution Will Not Be Telegraphed Elaine Yao Dissertation Chapter
10/03/2023 Nancy Yun Tang "Let Them Play My Game": Theorizing the "Authoritarian Paternalistic Referee" Through the Case Study of 377's Repeal in Singapore Isabelle DeSisto Dissertation Chapter
10/10/2023 Thomas Tichelbaecker How does intra-party competition affect descriptive representation? Guanwei Hu Dissertation Chapter
10/24/2023 TBD Possible Politics department job talk    
10/31/2023 Yutian An From Parlor to Back Alley: Tracing the Migration of Prostitution in Response to Legal Changes Lina Skoglund  
11/07/2023 No Session      


Huseyin Emre Ceyhun Autocratization in an Age of Digitalization Marco Castradori  
11/28/2023  Lewis Krashinsky National Identity and the Electoral Divergence of the White Working-Class in North America Viivi Jarvi Dissertation Chapter



Tiffany Simon Happiness policies in the Gulf Yousuf Abdelfatah Dissertation Chapter
12/12/2023 No Seminar      


Isabelle DeSisto   Aurora Sun Prospectus
02/06/2024 Narrelle Gilchrist   Hani Warith Prospectus
02/13/2024 Hannah Kazis-Taylor   Lewis Krashinsky Prospectus
02/20/2024 Yingjie Fan   Tiffany Simon Prospectus
02/27/2024 Vincent Heddesheimer   Jacob Tucker Prospectus
03/05/2024 Viivi Jarvi   Yuhan Zheng Dissertation Chapter
03/19/2024 Admitted Students Day TBD    
03/26/2024 Marco Castradori, Guanwei Hu, Florian Sichart   Hannah Kazis-Taylor, Anna Houk, Felix Beilin 591 Panel



Yousuf Abdelfatah, Lauren Howells   Shourya Sen, Etienne Gagnon 591 Panel
04/09/2024 Hani Warith   Yingjie Fan Dissertation Chapter
04/16/2024 Yuhan Zheng   Emre Ceyhun Dissertation Chapter
04/23/2024 Anna Houk   Narrelle Gilchrist Dissertation Chapter



Shourya Sen


Vincent Heddesheimer Dissertation Chapter