While students complete their dissertations, the department works actively to help them find appropriate employment. The following Ph.D. students and recent graduates are seeking employment this academic year.

Job Placement History

The department's record in placing graduate students is very strong.  Following is a list of first and second placements of recent graduates.


Name Position Institution
Noam Reich Assistant Professor Yale University
William Horne Assistant Professor Clemson 
Danny Daneri Assistant Professor Syracuse 
Tiffany Barron Assistant Professor University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Derek Wakefield Postdoctoral Fellow Emory University
Sayumi Miyano Postdoctoral Fellow (2023-2024), Assistant Professor (Summer 2024) Harvard University (2023-2024), Osaka University (Summer 2024)
Peter Giraudo Postdoctoral Fellow Goethe Universität Frankfurt
Mohammad Isaqzadeh Assistant Professor Chapman University
Eric Manning Postdoctoral Fellow Data Driven Social Science Initiative, Princeton University
Arantxa Rodriguez Uribe Policy and Research Manager J-PAL Europe at the Paris School of Economics
Xiaoxiao Shen Postdoctoral Fellow Yale
Gabe Borelli Research Associate Pew Research Center
Lewis Krashinsky Postdoctoral Fellow University of Toronto
Jing Qian Assistant Professor New York University, Shanghai
Sonny Kim Postdoctoral Fellow Nuffield College, University of Oxford
Joseph Ruggiero Postdoctoral Fellow Stanford University
Tom Donnelly Assistant Professor (Tenure track) University of Richmond School of Law


Name Position Institution
Haosen Ge Data Scientist, Wharton School

University of Pennsylvania

Theophile Deslauriers Postdoctoral Fellow Amherst College
Claire Willeck Data Scientist Netflix
Will Freeman Fellow for Latin America Studies Council on Foreign Relations
Zenobia Chan Nuffield College Prize Research Fellow (2023-2026), Assistant Professor (Fall 2024) Oxford (2023-2026), Georgetown (Fall 2024)


Name Position Institution
Carolyn Barnett Assistant Professor University of Arizona, School of Government and Public Policy and School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies
Fin Bauer   Appriss
Gabriel Borelli Research Associate Pew Research Center
Megan Brand Postdoctoral Fellow Christopher Browne Center for International Politics, University of Pennsylvania
Stephanie Chan Assistant Professor Lafayette College
Julian Dean Data Scientist Facebook
Daniel Gibbs Assistant Professor Virginia Tech
Nathan Gibson Postdoctoral Fellow Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute
Ben Hammond Professional Staff U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee
Will Horne Postdoctoral Fellow Executive Approval Project, Georgia State University
Dela Kpo   Bain & Company
Naijia Liu Assistant Professor Harvard University
Michael Pomirchy Postdoctoral Fellow Yale University
Noam Reich Postdoctoral Fellow NYU Abu Dhabi
Susanne Schwarz Assistant Professor Swarthmore College
Bailey Scott Postdoctoral Fellow George Washington's Institute for Data, Democracy and Politics
Patrick Signoret   Boston Consulting Group

Gaétan Tchakounte Nandong

Assistant Professor New York University
Carissa Tudor Assistant Professor University of Amsterdam



Name Position Institution
Shuk Ying Chan

Prize Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 2021-2023

Lecturer in Political Theory (tenure-track), 2023 onward

Nuffield College, Oxford University

University College London

John Chin` Assistant Teaching Professor Carnegie Mellon University
Daniel Gibbs Postdoctoral Fellow Washington University in St. Louis
Melinda Haas Assistant Professor University of Pittsburgh
Galileu Kim Data Science Consultant World Bank
Michael Kistner Assistant Professor University of Houston
Alexander Kustov Assistant Professor University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Rachael McLellan Lecturer in Politics (tenure-track) University of Glasgow
Erin Miller Assistant Professor University of Southern California, Gould School of Law
Tommaso Pavone Assistant Professor University of Arizona, School of Government and Public Policy
Andrew Proctor Assistant Professor Wake Forest University
Tanika Raychaudhuri Assistant Professor University of Houston
David Ribar Consultant Boston Consulting Group
Jose Maria Rodriguez Valadez Postdoctoral Fellow Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Leah Rosenstiel Assistant Professor Vanderbilt University
James Sasso   Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe
Diana Stanescu Postdoctoral Fellow Shorenstein APARC at Stanford University
Daniel Tavana

Postdoctoral Fellow, 2021-2022

Assistant Professor, 2022 onward

Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse (IAST)

Pennsylvania State University

Carissa Tudor Postdoctoral Fellow, 2021-2023 Brown University, Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs
Elsa Voytas

Postdoctoral Fellow, 2021-2022

Assistant Professor, 2022 onward


IE University


Name Position Institution
Paul Baumgardner Assistant Professor Belmont University
Killian Clarke Assistant Professor Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service
Chaya Crowder Assistant Professor Loyola Marymount University
Cassandra Emmons Postdoctoral Fellow Harvard University, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs
Pavielle Haines Assistant Professor Rollins College
Dongxian Jiang Assistant Professor Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, Fordham University-Lincoln Center 
Korhan Kocak Assistant Professor NYU Abu Dhabi
Svetlana Kosterina Assistant Professor University of Pittsburgh, Department of Economics
Anatoly Levshin Postdoctoral Research Associate and Lecturer Princeton University, PIIRS
Rachael McLellan Fellow in Political Science and Public Policy London School of Economics and Political Science
Erin Miller Postdoctoral Fellow University of Chicago Law School
Steve Monroe Assistant Professor Yale-NUS College
Saurabh Pant Assistant Professor University of Essex
Lucia Rafanelli Assistant Professor The George Washington University
Adam Thal Research Scientist Facebook
Erik H. Wang Assistant Professor Australian National University


Name Position Institution
Meir Alkon  Postdoctoral Fellow Harvard University
Dan Berbecel Assistant Professor Glendon College, York University
Chantal Berman Postdoctoral Fellow Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies
Naoki Egami Assistant Professor Columbia University
Ted Enamorado Assistant Professor University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Song Ha Joo Visiting Scholar/Lecturer Stanford University
Suzie Kim Assistant Professor NYU, Abu Dhabi
Alexander Kustov Postdoctoral Fellow Yale University
Adeline Lo Assistant Professor University of Wisconsin Madison
Asya Magazinnik Assistant Professor MIT
Brandon Miller de la Cuesta Postdoctoral Fellow Stanford University
Giuliana Pardelli Assistant Professor NYU Abu Dhabi
Tommaso Pavone Postdoctoral Fellow PluriCourts Centre, University of Oslo
Andrew Proctor President's Postdoctoral Fellow University of Minnesota
Lucia Rafanelli Research Associate Smith Institute, Chapman University
Tanika Raychaudhuri Postdoctoral Fellow University of Pennsylvania
Sepehr Shahshahani Associate Professor Fordham University School of Law
Sondre Solstad Senior Data Journalist The Economist, London
Aaron Tayler Competitive Intelligence and Strategy Specialist The Boeing Company
Yang-Yang  Zhou Assistant Professor University of British Columbia 



Name Position Institution
Nhung Bui Data Scientist Google
John DiIulio Postdoc James Madison Program, Princeton University
Romain Ferrali Postdoc New York University, Abu Dhabi
Benjamin Fifield Research Scientist Facebook
Sharan Grewal Assistant Professor College of William & Mary (following postdoc at Brookings)
Pavielle Haines Postdoc University of Denver
Brittany Holom Researcher Visiting Scholar Program, New York University
Ben Johnson Assistant Professor Penn State Law
Amanda Kennard Assistant Professor New York University
James Lee Postdoc European University Institute
Darl Lewis Postdoc Washington University in St. Louis
Lauren Mattioli Assistant Professor Boston University
Saurabh Pant Postdoc Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse
Tyler Pratt Assistant Professor Yale University
Joan Ricart-Huguet Postdoc & Lecturer Yale University
Alexander Slaski Postdoc Tulane University
Adam Thal Postdoc Yale University
Oskar Timo Thoms Postdoc Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada
Marie Alienor van den Bosch Postdoc Georgetown University
Bella Wang Founding Data Scientist Group Project
David Zuluaga Martinez Consultant The Boston Consulting Group


Name Position Institution
John Chin Postdoc Carnegie Mellon University
Colby Clabaugh Postdoc Harvard University
Peter Johannessen Postdoc University of Notre Dame
Marcus Johnson Assistant Professor CUNY Baruch College
Mary Kroeger Assistant Professor University of Rochester
Katie McCabe Assistant Professor Rutgers University
Vladimir Medenica Postdoc University of Chicago
Christoph Mikulaschek Postdoc Harvard University
Elizabeth Nugent Assistant Professor Yale University
Yuki Shiraito Assistant Professor University of Michigan (following postdoc at Dartmouth College)
Geoff Sigalet Postdoc Stanford University
Vinay Sitapati Assistant Professor Ashoka University


Name Position Institution
Carolyn Abott Postdoc Ohio State University
Ryan Brutger Assistant Professor University of Pennsylvania

Benjamin Ewing

Visiting Assistant Professor Duke University Law School

Michael Hoffman

Assistant Professor Notre Dame University
Richard Jordan Assistant Professor Baylor University
Patricia Kim Postdoc Princeton-Harvard China and the World Program
Theodore Lechterman Postdoc Stanford University
Erin Lin Assistant Professor Ohio State University
Gabriel Lopez Moctezuma Assistant Professor CalTech (following postdoc at Yale University)
Kevin Mazur Postdoc

Oxford University

Matthew Tokeshi Assistant Professor Williams College
Carlos Velasco Rivera Postdoc Institute for Advanced Studies Toulouse
Austin Wright Assistant Professor University of Chicago, School of Public Policy


Name Position Institution
Alex Acs Assistant Professor

Ohio State University

Sean Beienburg Assistant Professor Lehigh University
Graeme Blair Assistant Professor University of California, Los Angeles
Alex Bolton Postdoc Duke University
M. Emilee Chapman Assistant Professor Stanford University
Yiftah Elazar Assistant Professor Hebrew University
Sarah El-Kazaz Assistant Professor Oberlin College
Paul Gardner Postdoc Syracuse University
Aram Hur Postdoc New York University
Matt Incantalupo Visiting Assistant Professor Haverford College
Raymond Kuo Assistant Professor Fordham University
Alex Lanoszka Postdoc Dartmouth College
Trevor Latimer Postdoc University of Georgia

Matthew McCoy

Postdoc University of Pennsylvania
Dinsha Mistree Postdoc Stanford University
Rohan Mukherjee Assistant Professor Yale-NUS College
John Oliphant Research Associate Pew Research Center
Bryn Rosenfeld Assistant Professor University of Southern California

Alex Ruder

Assistant Professor University of South Carolina
Joshua Vandiver Visiting Assistant Professor Williams College


Name Position Institution
Scott Abramson Assistant Professor University of Rochester
Alex Acs Visiting Professor American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Michael Barber Assistant Professor Brigham Young University
Matthew Barnes Assistant Professor West Virginia University
Graeme Blair Postdoc Columbia University

Brookes Brown

Assistant Professor Clemson University
Tom Dannenbaum Lecturer (tenure track)  University College London

Michael Donnelly

Assistant Professor University of Toronto

Loubna El Amine

Assistant Professor Georgetown University
Sarah El Kazaz Postdoc Brandeis University
Yanilda Gonzalez Postdoc Harvard University
Sarah Hummel Assistant Professor

University of Illinois

Chris Kendall

Assistant Professor University of Puget Sound
In Song Kim Assistant Professor Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Raymond Kuo Assistant Professor SUNY, Albany
Michael Lamb Postdoc University of Oxford
Alex Lanoszka Postdoc

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Adam Liff Assistant Professor Indiana University, School of Global and International Studies

Michael McKoy

Assistant Professor Wheaton College
Herschel Nachlis Assistant Professor Franklin and Marshall College
Steve Rogers Assistant Professor Saint Louis University
Julie Rose Assistant Professor Dartmouth College
Meredith Sadin Postdoc Robert Wood Johnson Health and Policy, Berkeley
Steve Snell Postdoc Duke University
Joshua Vandiver Lecturer University of Chicago

Meredith Wilf

Assistant Professor

University of Pittsburgh


Name Position Institution

Lamis Abdelaaty

Assistant Professor University of California, Santa Cruz
Michael Becher Assistant Professor University of Konstanz
Deborah Beim Assistant Professor

Yale University

Peter Buisseret

Assistant Professor University of Warwick
Erica Czaja RWJF Scholar

University of California, Berkeley

Michael Donnelly Postdoc European University Institute
Rex Douglass Postdoc University of California, San Diego

Daniel Frost

Assistant Professor Clemson University

Matteo Giglioli


Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris

Sarah Goff Postdoc

London School of Economics

Alex Levitov


Stanford University

Daniel Mark Assistant Professor

Villanova University

Oriana Mastro

Assistant Professor Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service

Benjamin McKean

Assistant Professor Ohio State University

Michael Miller

Assistant Professor George Washington University
Melissa Moschella Assistant Professor Catholic University of America

Dan Myers

Assistant Professor University of Minnesota

Alex Ruder

Researcher Rutgers University
Sharece Thrower Assistant Professor University of Pittsburgh


Name Position Institution
Samuel Arnold Assistant Professor Texas Christian University

Stephen Chaudoin

Assistant Professor University of Pittsburgh

Loubna El Amine

Postdoc Yale University

Andrea Everett

Assistant Professor University of Georgia
Sandra Field Assistant Professor Yale National University of Singapore College

Jessica Flanigan

Assistant Professor University of Richmond
Shana Gadarian Assistant Professor Syracuse University
Nick Goedert Postdoc Washington University

Sarah Goff

Postdoc Goethe University Frankfurt
Thomas Hale Postdoc University of Oxford
Kristin Harkness Postdoc

University of Notre Dame

Javier Hidalgo

Assistant Professor University of Richmond
David Hsu Postdoc University of Pennsylvania
Quinton Mayne Assistant Professor Harvard University
Gwyneth McClendon Assistant Professor Harvard University
Michael McKoy Postdoc Rutgers University
Kanta Murali Assistant Professor University of Toronto
Julie Rose Postdoc

Brown University

Michael Sullivan Assistant Professor St. Mary’s University
Philip Wallach Fellow Brookings Institution


Name Position Institution
Mary Beth Ehrhardt Altier Postdoc The Pennsylvania State University

Samuel Arnold

Postdoc Stanford University
Sarah Bush Assistant Professor Temple University
Nicholas Carnes Assistant Professor Duke University, Public Policy School
Jing Chen Assistant Professor Eckerd College
Lauren Davenport Assistant Professor Stanford University
Yiftah Elazar Postdoc Hebrew University
David Glick Assistant Professor Boston University
Javier Hidalgo Postdoc Brown University
Eva Kaye-Zwiebel Postdoc Occidental College
Ben Lauderdale Lecturer (tenure track)

London School of Economics

Noam Lupu

Assistant Professor

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dan Myers Postdoc

Robert Wood Johnson

Genevieve Rousseliere

Postdoc University of Chicago

James L. Wilson

Collegiate Assistant Professor University of Chicago Society of Fellows

Michael Woldemariam

Assistant Professor

Boston University

Teppei Yamamoto

Assistant Professor

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Name Position Institution
Melody Crowder-Meyer Assistant Professor Sewanee: University of the South
Megan Francis Assistant Professor Pepperdine University
Katie Gallagher Lecturer Harvard University
Daniel Lee Fellow Columbia: Society of Fellows
Benjamin McKean Fellow University of Chicago:  Society of Fellows

Dustin Tingley

Assistant Professor Harvard University
Emily Zackin Assistant Professor Hunter College