Stanley Kelley Award for Excellence in Teaching

The Stanley Kelley Award for Excellence in Teaching has been given every year since 1998 to a member of the politics faculty to recognize outstanding teaching. Kelley, who joined the Politics faculty in 1957 and taught at the University for nearly 40 years, was known as a skilled and dedicated teacher who received the President’s Distinguished Teaching Award in 1995. 

George Kateb Preceptor Award

The George Kateb Preceptor Award was first given in 2011 and is named in honor of George Kateb, William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Politics, Emeritus. This award is given annually to recognize the best graduate student preceptors in the Department of Politics. Kateb is a political theorist who has made significant contributions to liberal political theory. He joined the Princeton faculty in 1987 and retired from teaching in 2002. Kateb received the Behrman Award for Distinguished Achievement in the Humanities from the University and the Stanley Kelley Award from the Department.