Faculty Leaders:  Zhao Li (Fall) and Patricia Kirkland (Spring)
Meeting Day/Time:  Mondays 12:00-1:20 PM
Location:  127  Corwin

Papers are posted the Friday afternoon before each presentation.  Members of the department may download them by clicking the presentation title in the table below.

2021-2022 Schedule of Presentations





Year of Study/Purpose


Andrew Mack Incentives for Learning in Repeated Elections   Practice Job Talk
09/13/21 Michael Pomirchy Intra-Party Factions and Accountability in the U.S. Congress   Practice Job Talk
09/20/21 Stephanie Chan

Connected Citizenship: Social Networks and Interracial Differences in Immigrants' Political Participation

  Practice Job Talk
09/27/21 Will Smith Issues, Partisanship, and Valence in Elections   Practice Job Talk
10/04/21 Ben Hammond Interbranch Bargaining and Discretionary Appropriations   Practice Job Talk
10/11/21 Nathan Gibson

The Politics of Presidential Centralization

  Practice Job Talk
10/18/21 Nicole Kliewer The Corporal as Congressional Candidate   Practice Job Talk
10/25/21 Gabe Borelli     Practice Job Talk
11/22/21 Roel Bos   Ephraim Shimko Draft Prospectus
11/29/21 Alina Dunlap   Danny Daneri Draft Prospectus
12/06/21 Anthony Taboni   Julian Dean Draft Prospectus
12/13/21 Rob Oldham   Ben Hammond Draft Prospectus
01/24/22 Ryan Bell   Derek Wakefield Dissertation chapter
01/31/22 Derek Wakefield   Ryan Bell Dissertation chapter
02/07/22 Eric Manning   Gabriel Borelli Dissertation chapter
02/14/22 Anna Houk and William Wen   William Wen and Anna Houk 591 project
02/21/22 Rohnin Randles and Sam Simon   Sam Simon and Rohnin Randles 591 project
02/28/22 Will Schulz   Eric Manning Dissertation chapter
03/14/22 Claire Willeck   Will Schulz
Dissertation chapter
03/21/22 Sonya Chen   Stephanie Chan
Dissertation chapter
04/04/22 Danny Daneri   Alina Dunlap  
04/11/22 Sebastian Saling   Anthony Taboni Dissertation chapter
04/18/22 Ephraim Shimko   Roel Bos Dissertation chapter