Faculty Leaders:  Patricia Kirkland (Fall) and Zhao Li (Spring) 
Meeting Day/Time:  Mondays 12:00-1:20 PM
Location:  127  Corwin

Papers are posted the Friday afternoon before each presentation.  Members of the department may download them by clicking the presentation title in the table below.

2022-2023 Schedule of Presentations


Date Speaker Discussant Title of Talk Year/Purpose Notes
9/12/22 Jared Clemons   "White Liberals and the Privatization of racial Responsibility: Reassessing the Principle-Policy Gap Through a Materialist Framework"    
9/19/22 Derek Wakefield   Not Just Ethnic Voters: The Effect of Economic and Immigration Appeals on Latinos 6th Year Job Talk  
9/26/22 Ephraim Shinko   Cheap (Talk) Shots: Politicians Versus the News Media 6th Year Job Talk  
10/10/22 Eric Manning   Affluence and Presidential Politics    
11/14/22 Claire Willeck William Wen Active Civics: How Civic Education Shapes Political Engagement    
11/28/22 William Wen Will Shulz The Priming Hypothesis and Information Uncertainty Draft Prospectus  
12/05/22 Tom Donnelly Reilly Steele Popular Constitutionalism Inside the Courts: The Search for Popular Meaning Draft Prospectus  
12/12/22 Sam Simon Rob Oldham Congressional Constitutionalism: Towards a New Approach Draft Prospectus  
12/19/22 Kodiak Sauer Jeron Fenton Climate Change Intergenerational Equity of The American Voter: Do Citizens have Coherent Time Preferences?   Final Exams
01/30/23 Kaiyla Banks Isaiah Johnson Do 'We' Got Us?: How Symbolic Representation(s) of Race & Gender Interact with Assessments of Substantive Representation Among Black Voters 591  
02/06/23 Will Schulz   Ship in a Bottle: Mastodon as a Portal to Counterfactual Twitterverses    
02/13/23 Adrian Pietrzak Alina Dunlap Opened Shelters, Closed Minds: The Impact of Opening Homeless Shelters on Vote Choice in New York City    
02/20/23 Isaiah Johnson Kaiyla Banks Steadfast or Treacherous? How Proximity to Whiteness shapes Multiracial Political Behavior 591  
02/27/23 Jasante' Howard Sonya Chen The Limits of Police Reform: The Case of Problem Oriented Policing in Newport News 591  
03/06/23 Jeron Fenton Kodiak Sauer All Churched Out: An Analysis of US Black Church Closures and Voter Turnout 591  
03/13/23 No Session        
03/20/23 Reilly Steel Roel Bos Partisan Bias in Securities Enforcement 591  
03/27/23 No Session        


*Simpson A71

Eric Manning, Sonya Chen and William Schulz   Graduate Student Visit    
04/03/23 Rob Oldam Sam Simon Threats, Crises, and Congressional Responsiveness in the Polarized Era Dissertation Chapter  
04/10/23 Anthony Taboni Tom Donnelly Shock and Law: Horizontal Learning in Courts Dissertation Chapter  
04/17/23 Sebastian Saling Danny Daneri Scaling Criminal Justice Policy in the American States    
04/24/23 Roel Bos Anthony Taboni Personal Legislative Staff Allocation and Informational Lobbying Dissertation Chapter  
05/01/23 Sonya Chen Jasante' Howard (In)Visible Grievance: The Politics of the Stop Asian Hate Movement Dissertation Chapter Reading Period
05/08/23 Alina Dunlap Anthony Taboni The Uncertainty Tax: The Effect of Local Political Uncertainty on Public Financing Costs Dissertation Chapter Reading Period
05/15/23 Danny Daneri Sebastian Saling Labor vs. Big Business: interest groups, cue-taking, and voting behavior Dissertation Chapter Final Exams