Faculty Leaders:  Nolan McCarty
Meeting Day/Time:  Mondays 12:00-1:20 PM
Location:  127  Corwin

Papers are posted the Friday afternoon before each presentation.  Members of the department may download them by clicking the presentation title in the table below.

2023-2024 Schedule of Presentations


Date Speaker Discussant Title of Talk Year/Purpose Notes
9/11/23 Organizational Section        
9/18/23 Dahyun Choi   Teaming Up Across Political Divides: Evidence from Climate Regulations Practice Job Talk  
9/25/23 Sonya Chen   Asian Americans and the Politics of Racial Justice Practice Job Talk  
10/02/23 No Session        

Danny Daneri 


Corporate influence on Labor Politics, NLRB appointments 1935-2022

Practice Job Talk

10/16/23 Fall Recess        
10/30/23 Ke Liang   Divisible Votes    
11/06/23 Reilly Steel Roel Bos Essays on Regulatory Politics Draft Prospectus  
11/20/23 Adrian Pietrzak Alina Dunlap Essays on Urban Housing Politics Draft Prospectus  
11/27/23 No Seminar        
12/04/23 Jeron Fenton Kodiak Sauer All Churched Out: An Analysis of US Black Church Closures and Voter Turnout Draft Prospectus  
12/11/23 Jasante Howard Isaiah Johnson The Limits of Police Reform: The Case of Problem Oriented Policing in Newport News Draft Prospectus  
01/29/24 Kaiyla Banks   “Ain’t I A Worthy Candidate?”: An Exploration of Electoral Support and Racialized Misogyny toward Black Women Candidates     
02/05/24 Isaiah Johnson Kaiyla Banks Strategy, Choice, and Racial Politics: How Incentives Structure Racialized- Policy Support for Multiracials Draft Prospectus  
02/12/24 Elaine Yao Reilly Steele Brook no compromise: How to negotiate a united front    
02/19/24 No Seminar        
02/26/24 Kodiak Sauer Dahyun Choi American Opinions on Climate Change Draft Prospectus  


Anthony Taboni

Reilly Steel  Legal Uncertainty and Circuit Splits in the US Courts of Appeals Dissertation Chapter  
03/19/24 Grad Visit, Seminar moved to Tuesday Robertson 016 Dahyun Choi, Danny Daneri, Alina Dunlap, Adrian Pietrzak      
03/25/24 Rob Oldham Sam Simon Congress in Crisis: Policymaking in Uncertain Times Dissertation Chapter  
04/01/24 William Wen Ren Mueller Measuring Individual-Level Campaign and Media Effects Dissertation Chapter  
04/08/24 Sam Simon Rob Oldham The Logic of Congressional Constitutionalism Dissertation Chapter  
04/15/24 Haodi Dong Ren Mueller A Model of Summary Judgment and Settlement 591  
04/22/24 Roel Bos Anthony Taboni Policy Development with Competitive Obstruction Dissertation Chapter  
04/29/24 Alina Dunlap William Wen Property Tax Notice: The Effect of Tax Salience on Political Participation    
05/06/24 Ren Mueller Roel Bos A theory of Congressional party conflict 591