Faculty Leader: Faisal Ahmed

Meeting Day/Time: Thursdays, 12:00-1:20 p.m.
Location: 127 Corwin

Papers are posted the Monday afternoon before each presentation.  Members of the department may download them by clicking the presentation title in the table below.

2021-2022 Schedule of Presentations


Fall Schedule

Date Speaker(s) Discussant(s) Title Type
09/2/2021 Professor Faisal Ahmed N/A Introduction and Overview  
09/9/2021 Noam Reich N/A

Dynamic Screening in International Crises

Practice Job Talk

Haosen Ge


Curses or Blessings: How Low Asset Mobility Helps Foreign Firms Gain Government Support

Practice Job Talk

9/23/2021 Fin Bauer N/A

How Variation in State Image Affects Incentives for Conflict Initiation

Practice Job Talk
9/30/2021 No Seminar X X APSA
10/7/2021 Lauren Konken N/A When do trade negotiations Fail? Mapping Canadian and American efforts to negotiate preferential trade agreements (PTAs) (1982-2020)* Practice Job Talk

Kathy Ingram


Competitive Intervention and Sabotage in Civil Wars

Practice Job Talk
10/21/2021 Fall Break X


10/28/2021 Megan Brand N/A

Legal Statecraft in Global Refugee Politics

Practice Job Talk



In Young Park Haosen Ge

Competing over Agenda: Economic Interdependence and Polarization at the United Nations

Dissertation Chapter

Wallace 300

12/9/2021 Zenobia Chan Lauren Konken Cost Contingency, Time Horizons, and the Effects of Economic Inducement 5th Year
12/16/2021 Sojun Park Sayumi Miyano Institutional Flexibility and Opportunism : How Do States Navigate TRIPS Flexibilities?

4th Year

Robertson 001


Spring Schedule

Date Speaker(s) Discussant(s) Title Type
01/27/2022 Aurora Ling Maria Jose Urzua Valverde Authoritarian Soft Power 3rd Year
02/03/2022 Jeongmin Park / Heather Penatzer Manasi Bose / Elliot Ji

Recruited Men, Breadwinning Women and the ‘Re-gendering’ of Postwar Societies

Cooperative Stalemate: Internationalized Territories and the State System

3rd Year/ZOOM
02/10/2022 Harshal Zalke Aurora Ling / Zenobia Chan The Politics of FDI Protectionism 2nd Year
02/17/2022 Dahyun Choi / Ze Han Kyle Evanoff / Alexander Gazmararian

The Strategic Use of Information by Interest Groups

Economic Hardship, Threat Perception, and Vote Choices

3rd Year

Manasi Bose / Elliot Ji

Daniel Lyng / Ze Han

Rebel Governance and International Recognition

Magnifier of (In)Credibility: Human Rights Treaty Compliance and Foreign Aid

2nd Year

Alexander Gazmararian / Rikio Inouye

Dahyun Choi/ Harshal Zalke

Electoral Realignment and Environmental Backlash

Donation or Diplomacy?
US Vaccine Distribution in a time of Great Power Rivalry

2nd Year

Spring Break


Maria Jose Urzua Valverde

Heather Penatzer Explaining the Salience of International Judgements: The Case
of the Rulings of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights
4th Year

Joseph Ruggiero

Jim Qian Bargaining, War, and Cooperation in the Long Run 4th Year
 *03/29/2022 Sayumi Miyano  Jeongmin Park Regime Complexity and Overlapping Information: The Case of Energy Projections 5th Year
04/07/2022 Xuancheng Qian Grace Zeng AdroitRA: A Deep Learning Model for Information Extraction 5th Year
04/14/2022 Grace Zeng Esther Robinson Vetoes and Path Dependence: Why Countries’ Labor and Environmental Provisions in PTAs Exhibit Different Levels of Continuity 4th Year
04/21/2022 Jim Qian Sojun Park Domestic Institution and Multinational Profit Shifting 5th Year
04/28/2022 Esther Robinson Joseph Ruggiero Acting as Laboratories, Lobbyists, and Leaders: Subnational Governments’ Transnational Cooperation Behavior  5th Year
5/5/2022 Kyle Evanoff / Daniel Lyng Xuancheng Qian / Rikio Inouye Transformations of International Order: An Institutional Population Analysis / Do asset holdings influence preferences? 2nd Year