Faculty Leader: Rebecca Perlman
Meeting Day/Time: Thursdays, 12:00-1:20 p.m.
Location: Zoom

Papers are posted the Monday afternoon before each presentation.  Members of the department may download them by clicking the presentation title in the table below.

2020-2021 Schedule of Presentations


Fall Schedule

Date Speaker(s) Discussant(s) Title Type
09/3/2020 Professor Rebecca Perlman N/A Introduction and Overview  
09/10/2020 No Meeting N/A No Meeting  

Richard Gagliardi


Stereotypes and Security Assurances

Job Talk

9/24/2020 Noel Foster N/A

Polarization for Paralysis:
How Revisionist States Weaponize Information to Shift Foreign Political Behaviors

Job Talk
10/1/2020 Noam Reich N/A Do States Screen or Signal? Job Talk
10/8/2020 Mindy Haas N/A Secrecy and Oversight: U.S. Law and the Domestic Politics of Covert Action Job Talk

James Gilman

Jeongmin Park & Sayumi Miyano

Post-Disaster Participation: Political Engagement after the 2015 Nepal Earthquake 6th
10/22/2020 Fin Bauer Heather Penatzer

Incommensurable Territory: How Moral Image Concerns Explain Disputes over Intangibly Valued Territory

10/29/2020 Katherine Ingram James Gilman

Competitive Intervention and Sabotage in Civil Wars

11/5/2020                                               No Meeting/Open Slot
11/12/2020 Lauren Konken


Brian Schonfeld


What Can We Learn from Failed Economic Negotiations?: Lessons from BITs and PTAs

11/19/2020 Jing Qian Noam Reich & Alexi Kim

Domestic Institutions and Multinational Profit Shifting



Spring Schedule

Date Speaker(s) Discussant(s) Title Type
02/04/2021 R. Bailey Scott Megan Brand & Ze Han KGB 2.0? Unpacking Modern Russian Propaganda and its Soviet Lineage 4th/5th
02/11/2021 Zenobia Chan Noel Foster &  Richard Gagliardi The Costs of Goodwill:
Cost Contingency, Time Horizon, and Recipient Opinion on Aid Donor
02/18/2021 Esther Robinson R. Bailey Scott & Harshal Zalke

Evaluating Paradiplomacy As Democratic Experimentalism



1) Sojun Park

2) Joe Ruggiero

1) Lauren Konken

2) Xuancheng Qian

Strategic Alliance: How Foreign Firms Set
Technical Standard through Collaboration

Bargaining, War, and Cooperation in the Long Run

Draft Prospectus

1) Grace Zeng


2) Maria Jose Urzua Valverde

1) Ryan Dukeman

2) Aurora Ling & Elliot Ji

Understanding the Politics of
Labor and Environmental Provisions
In Preferential Trade Agreements

The “Life” and “Death” of Regional Organizations in the Global South: The Case of Latin America and the Caribbean

Draft Prospectus

1) Ryan Dukeman


2) Jeongmin Park

1) Grace Zeng & Maria Jose Urzua Valverde



2) Rikio Inouye & Daniel Lyng

The Determinants of Foreign Policy Reform: Evidence from Adaptation (Failures) in the U.S. Department of State

Targeted Fortification and International Conflict: Case of British India


mini 591s

1) Ze Han


2) Heather Penatzer

1) Alexander Gazmararian & Fin Bauer


2) Katherine Ingram & Kyle Evanoff

Import Competition, Export Expansion, and Voting Behavior in Australia

Local Institutions and Wartime Territorial Control: Mayoral Replacement in Occupied France

mini 591s

1) Aurora Ling

2) Dahyun Choi

1) Manasi Bose

2) Esther Robinson

Vaccine Diplomacy: How Russia is Utilizing Sputnik V

Indirect Competition for Political Influence: How Interest Groups Strategically Take Advantage of Voter’s Rational Inattention

mini 591s
 03/30/2021 Bryan Schonfeld

Haosen Ge

The Supply of Anti-Globalization Messaging: Evidence from a New Subnational Dataset 4th/5th
04/08/2021 Haosen Ge Jing Qian Asset Mobility and Political Risk Revisited 4th/5th
04/15/2021 Xuancheng Qian Sojun Park Electoral Accountability and Media Bias 4th/5th
04/22/2021  Megan Brand  Dahyun Choi & Mindy Haas Legal Statecraft in Global Refugee Politics 6th
04/29/2021 Sayumi Miyano Zenobia Chan & Joe Ruggiero Multinationals’ Influence In the Private Regime: International Standardization 4th/5th