The Department of Politics offers three tracks that provide more focused guidance to students who wish to address themes that bridge the sub-fields. The tracks include the following three programs:

You are encouraged to navigate to the links highlighted above to learn more about these tracks. Feel free to also contact any of the Program Advisors directly to further inquire about their requirements.

All students who declare their concentration in Politics are eligible to pursue one of the three tracks and should inform the Undergraduate Program Manager of their intention to pursue a program upon declaring the concentration in April of their sophomore year, and no later than February 1 of their junior year. The tracks provide additional guidance for structuring the program of study as a Politics concentrator, but students are not required to select a track to graduate with a degree in Politics. Students who pursue a program will still need to fulfill the requirements of a Politics concentrator. Courses may simultaneously fulfill both the program requirements and the Politics concentration requirements.

All courses taken to satisfy a track must be a on a graded basis and will factor into the Honors calculation.

NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 situation, students pursuing a Departmental Track can be rest assured that any Politics courses that they take on a P/D/F basis will both count as a departmental and count toward the Program(s) they are pursuing, provided the student earns a passing grade. For Political Economy track students, this means that if you elect to take an upper-level macro- or micro-economics course as a P/D/F, it will be considered as counting as a departmental and toward the Program. In short, P/D/F courses taken as regular departmental courses and/or toward a Departmental Track will count provided that the student receives a passing grade. This exception to our rule applies to P/D/F courses taken during Spring 2020.  

Please note: The degree will read A.B. in Politics and unlike University Certificates, the departmental program will not appear on the transcript. Concentrators who successfully complete the program’s requirements will receive a departmental attestation on Class Day.