NOTE: If you are unsure if Politics is the right major for you, or have any specific concerns (e.g., you did not take the required number of prerequisites), it is recommended that you first meet with Director of Undergraduate Studies, Professor Keren Yarhi-Milo.  Email to arrange a meeting.

Whom to see

What to bring to your appointment

Deadline to register

During the sophomore declaration period, prospective students must meet with one of the departmental representatives listed above. 

In addition, students must also officially declare the major online for the University via link:

The deadline to register in the Department of Politics as well as to choose your major online is Monday, April 22.

Junior Workshops

Each sophomore will be enrolled in a Junior Workshop.  In the Fall, Junior Workshops will meet every other week and on alternating weeks, students are required to view online plenary session video modules and attend a 50-minute discussion section.  [Please note that Junior Workshops are not considered courses and do not count toward satisfying departmental course requirements.] 

To view meeting times and descriptions for these Junior Workshops, go to:

In early May, concentrators in the Politics Class of 2021 will receive an email with instructions on how to designate their Junior Workshop preferences.  During the week of May 20, students will be enrolled in a Junior Workshop.  Students will have an opportunity to adjust course schedules accordingly in TigerHub after being notified of their Junior Workshop assignment.

Other Information

Sophomores electing to enter the Department of Politics must have completed two Politics courses on a graded basis before the end of the current academic year.  Courses taught by Politics faculty but that are not formally listed or cross-listed with the Department may also be used as a prerequisite.  All courses to be used to fulfill departmental requirements must be taken on a graded basis.

Students must complete a course satisfying an analytical requirement by the end of the Fall semester of the junior year.  In exceptional cases, a Departmental Representative may approve delaying the completion of this requirement until the Spring semester of the junior year.  A set of courses satisfying this requirement is maintained by the Department and can be found here:

The Department maintains a list of all cognates approved by the departmental representatives for each student.  The cognates must be approved during the semester in which they are taken (no later than the last Friday of classes).  Courses taken in the Freshman or Sophomore year cannot be designated as cognates.  Cognate courses should not be at the introductory level.  Cognates cannot be used to satisfy field distribution requirements.  Once a cognate has been approved, it may not be rescinded.

For more information about the Politics Undergraduate Program, go to: