Under normal circumstances, the Department encourages students to consider studying abroad during the Spring semester of junior year when operating. 

If a program is approved in advance by the Office of International Programs, the Department will credit as departmentals as many as two courses in political science or related fields when they are taken at a foreign university. Normally, the Department is willing to substitute no more than one cognate and one departmental, or two cognates, for concentrators studying abroad for one semester. 

NOTE: Effective with the Politics Class of 2024, the Department will allow students to study abroad during the Fall semester of junior year - beginning in the Fall 2022 - pending University travel approval. Regarding the Fall JIW requirement, the Department will either schedule a Junior Workshop that is designated just for study abroad students or alternatively, let students abroad Zoom into a regularly scheduled meeting. If there is a separate workshop for students abroad, the Department will designate a plenary preceptor to work remotely with those students every other week for a 50-minute precept. Students will be required to write a Fall Research Prospectus remotely in consultation with their assigned Junior Workshop leader. In the Spring term, students who study abroad will write a junior paper under the supervision of a Politics faculty member who will advise them remotely. If a student is approved to study abroad during both the Fall and Spring semesters of junior year, the Department will allow up to four Politics-related study abroad courses to count for departmental credit – two for each semester, with one counting toward a field distribution and the other as a cognate. 

Students may study abroad in the Fall semester of senior year provided that they have the pre-approval of both the Office of International Programs and the Study Abroad Advisor. Interested juniors must secure a senior thesis advisor and confirm this arrangement with the Department no later than the last day of Spring term classes. The Department will allow up to four study abroad Politics courses to count in the event a student wants to study abroad in the Spring of junior year and then again in the Fall of senior year – two for each semester abroad. 

Prospective concentrators who wish to study abroad during sophomore year that intend to declare Politics as a major should receive pre-approval for departmental course credit from the Study Abroad Advisor. The Department will accept up to two Politics-related study abroad courses from sophomore year which can be applied towards the major, one of which can count as a Politics prerequisite. [This rule suggests that one of the prerequisites must be a Politics course that was taken at Princeton no later than the end of sophomore year.]

Additional information is available at the Office of International Programs.

Study Abroad Advisor, Guadalupe Tuñón, can answer any questions regarding the Program.