Faculty Leader: Annie Stilz
Meeting Day/Time: Tuesdays, 12:00-1:20 p.m.
Location: Wooten Hall

2022-2023 Schedule

Date Presenter Stage in Program Topic Discussant
09/13/2022 Tristan Hughes G4 Chapter Far Right/Globalization Claudia Cervantes Perez
09/20/2022 Ophelia Vedder G4 Chapter Gender Abolition  
09/27/2022 Gabe Levine G4 Chapter Environmental Rights in US Constitutional Thought Darius Weil
10/04/2022 Sonny Kim G4 Chapter Structural Injustice Daniel Browning
10/11/2022 Max Ridge G4 Chapter Guild Socialism Jo Wilson
10/25/2022 Nikhil Menezes G4 Chapter Journalism in Victorian Political Thought Eli Davey
11/01/2022 Utku Cansu G4 Chapter Nietzsche's Philosophical Anthropology Aemann Lin
11/08/2022 Lindsay Van Horn G3 Prospectus   Max Ridge
11/15/2022 Jose Sanchez G3 Prospectus Social Contract Theory and Game Theory Sonny Kim
11/22/2022 Andrew Hahm G3 Prospectus   Gabe Levine
12/06/2022 Gaby Nair G3 Prospectus Prefigurative Politics/Approaches to Social Transformation Elaine Yim
12/13/2022 Sal Salamanca G3 Prospectus Sumptuary Legislation and (?) Social Regulation Nikhil Menezes
01/31/2023 Eli Scharlatt Davey G4 Chapter Adorno's Negative Dialectics  Chelsea Guo
02/07/2023 Simmi Dhillon G4 Chapter Distributive Justice in Housing Kritika Vohra
02/14/2023 Jo Wilson G2   Tristan Hughes
02/21/2023 Darius Weil G2 Parental Rights re:Schooling Andrew Hahm
02/28/2023 Daniel Browning G2   Jose Sanchez
03/07/2023 Claudia Cervantes Perez G2   Gaby Nair
03/21/2023 Elaine Yim G2   Gülin Ustabas
03/28/2023 Atticus Carnell G2   Meredith Gehrlich
04/04/2023 Jiseob Yoon PJT   No Commentator
04/11/2023 Aemann Lin G1   Utku Cansu
04/18/2023 Chelsea Guo G1   Lindsay Van Horn
04/25/2023 Kritika Vohra G1   Ophelia Vedder
05/02/2023 Gülin Ustabas G1   Atticus Carnell
05/09/2023 Meredith Gehrlich G1   Elly Long