I am a molecular biologist and social entrepreneur with a diverse background spanning multiple disciplines. My research primarily involves analyzing genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics data to predict genetic variations and engineer new organisms through genetic modifications. Currently, I am spearheading a bachelor’s degree program in molecular genetics and bioinformatics at Université Numérique Cheikh Hamidou KANE in Senegal and laying the foundation for future master’s and PhD programs in the same field.

In addition to my academic endeavors, I am the founder of SeeSD, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting STEAM education and fostering critical thinking skills from K-12 and beyond in West Africa. I also established Ubbil, a community incubator focused on collaborating with businesses and organizations to advance sustainable development goals, particularly in building an equitable digital economy.

Through my various initiatives, I engage in research and development activities, leveraging software and hardware tools alongside local knowledge to address social challenges related to climate change, limited access to education, and healthcare in Africa. At Princeton Politics, I am actively involved in establishing African Research, Learning, and Innovation Hubs in STEAM fields, aiming to combat youth unemployment through a focus on emerging technologies.