Susanne Schwarz (American Politics) and Bryan Schonfeld (International Relations) have been awarded the Graduate School's honorific Harold W. Dodds Fellowship for the 2021-22 academic year.

Schwarz will be using the fellowship to support the completion of her dissertation, which studies the political development of Southern carceral states after the Civil War. The project combines in-depth case studies of Southern carceral institutions with quantitative analyses of postbellum incarceration trends. A cornerstone of the project is a novel database on Postbellum Incarceration in the American South (PIAS), which Susanne has been collecting from handwritten prison admission lists from 19th-century Southern penitentiaries. Once completed, her data will document county-level convictions across seven Southern states over a period of seven decades (1850-1920).  She will spend next year wrapping up her data collection as well as conducting additional field trips to Southern state archives in Alabama and South Carolina.

Schonfeld will be using the fellowship to support the completion of his dissertation, which focuses on the domestic politics of globalization in wealthy democracies. The project assesses both politician and voter positioning on transnational issues such as trade, immigration and European integration in countries like the United Kingdom and the United States. He will also be using next year to complete other research projects that analyze an array of topics, such as public support for democracy and tackling climate change.

Congratulations, Susanne and Bryan!