Congratulations to our Graduating Seniors!

On Monday, May 24, 2021 the Department of Politics held a virtual event to celebrate the achievements of 72 politics concentrators. 



Hassan Ahmad Luke Stenger Montgomery

Amna Amin*§

Virginia Louise Murphy
John Edward Anderson Jr. Catherine Danuta Nixon
Benjamin Philip Angarone Brendan John O'Hara
Regan Louise Barney* Lily Marie Ireland Olsen
Matthew Maurice Butler Jacob Joseph Paganelli
Sophia M. Cai* Madeline Ann Pendolino♦
Jonathan Andrew Carr Jorge Rafael Pereira**
Lucy Maylee Chuang♦ Alonso Samuel Perez-Putnam§
Maxwell Sebastien Hyun-Suk Chung Gianni Taylor Pompili
Jessica Cobian Akhil Rajasekar
Gray A. Collins*§ Francis Jay Rolader
Camila Corrêa Lauren Renee Sanchez*♦
Sarah Du* Daniele Domenico Sciacca♦
Maya Eashwaran** Uwase Pamella Sebeza
David Esterlit Alissa Taylor Selover♦
Samuel Eric Fendler* Samantha Eve Shapiro*
Christian Flores***§ Margaret Frances Sneeringer
Risa Lynn Gelles-Watnick*** Phoebe Wheeler Solms
Victoria G. Gorton**§ Anne Frances Sullivan-Crowley
Arika Breanne Harrison**♦ Sekajipo Taplah
Jared William Holeman Joshua Ralph Tebeau§
Gabrielle Jabre*§ Isabel Ting
Nicholas Chandra Jain Courtney Shee-Ping Tseng
Preston Randolph Horswill Johnston**§ Lauren Chung Ning Tung
Adam Donald Kropf♦ Alexa Ward Underwood
Shreyas Kumar*§ Charles Barrett Van Allen*
Madison Sun Lai** Christopher Markham Walton
Emily Lang** Michael Sean Watson
Sophie Shiao Li*** Mallory Nicole Williamson**
Timothy Joseph Li Nicolas Hartfield Wilson*
Madeleine Marie Marr*** Sophia Marie Winograd*
Sergio Manuel Martinez Kamya Yadav**§
Max Angelo McGougan Kasenda Jared Amadeus Young*
Mackenzie Kay Meyer♦ Kyle Joseph Zelenitz*
Fumika Mizuno*** Jonathan Jianan Zhi**



Honors Distinctions Departmental Tracks
Highest Honors *** Program in American Ideas and Institutions♦
High Honors ** Program in Political Economy 
Honors * Program in Quantitative and Analytical Political Science §


Departmental Prizes

John G. buchanan Prize in Politics

Established by John G. Buchanan, Class of 1909. It is awarded annually to the senior who has attained during junior and senior years the highest standing in the Department of Politics. Awarded to Christian Flores.

Lyman H. Atwater Prize in Politics

Established by the class of 1883 as a memorial to the Reverend Lyman H. Atwater, who was a Professor of Political Science from 1869-1883. It is awarded to the senior who has written the best thesis on a subject in political science. Awarded to Sophie Shiao Li for her thesis "The Gulag For My Neighbour: Factors Affecting The Punitiveness of Chinese Public Opinion Towards Crime." 

The Philo Sherman Bennett prize in Politics

Established by Philo Sherman Bennett of New Haven, CT. It is awarded to the junior who has written the best essay discussing the principles of free government. Awarded to Risa Lynn Gelles-Watnick for her thesis "Speaking Stories to Power: An Analysis of Rhetorical Style and Identity in Jury Deliberations."

The New York Herald prize in Politics

Established by James Gordon Bennett it is awarded to the senior who has presented the best thesis on a subject of contemporaneous interest in the domestic or foreign policy of the United States Government.
Awarded to Madeleine Marie Marr for her thesis "A Room of One's Own: Housing Activism and Intersectional Representation." 

Stephen whelan '68 Senior Thesis Prize for Excellence in Constitutional Law and POLITICAL Thought

This Prize is awarded by The James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions, for the best senior thesis on a topic relating to the study of public or constitutional law.

Co-winner Akhil Rajasekar for his thesis "Zero Cheers for Incorporation."

Co-winner Nicolas Harfield Wilson for his thesis "A Neo-Scholastic Perspective on New Natural Law Theory and Its Conception of the Common Good."

Outside Prizes

Susan M. Huffman Memorial Senior Thesis Prize

Established in memory of Suzanne M. Huffman, Class of 1990, this prize is awarded annually to a Gender and Sexuality Studies certificate student whose senior thesis shows a deep commitment to the dilemmas raised by feminism and an extraordinary empathy for the problems and struggles of women. First prize is awarded to Sophia M. Cai for her thesis “Speech, Power and Identity: An Intersectional Approach to Gendered Violence Against Women in Politics.”

David F. Bowers Prize

This prize is awarded to the student in the Program in American Studies who does the best work in their certificate courses. The winner of this award is Christian Flores.

Other Prizes

Summer internship funding from the Mamdouha S. Bobst Center

in conjunction with the Department of Politics was awarded to:
1. Lily Marie Ireland Olsen
2. Alonso Samuel Perez-Putnam
3. Lauren Renee Sanchez
4. Sekajipo Taplah
5. Isabel Ting
6. Michael Sean Watson
7. Mallory Nicole Williamson

Caroline M. Picard Prize in Politics

Senior thesis research funding was awarded to the following students:

1. Jessica Cobian
2. Christian Flores
3. Sophie Shiao Li
4. Madeline Ann Pendolino
5. Jorge Rafael Pereira
6. Kamya Yadav
7. Kasenda Jared Amadeus Young

Phi Beta Kappa

Phi Beta Kappa is the oldest scholastic society in the United States, founded in 1776. Membership is awarded to graduating seniors across the university with the highest academic standing. The following students were elected to membership:

1. Christian Flores
2. Risa Lynn Gelles-Watnick
3. Sophie Shiao Li
4. Madeleine Marie Marr
5. Fumika Mizuno
6. Mallory Nicole Williamson

Scholarships and Fellowships

Catherine Danuta Nixon has been awarded the Critical Language Scholarship to study Russian.

Sophia Marie Winograd has won a Fulbright Grant to pursue graduate work in Austria.

Sophie Shiao Li has received a Rhodes Scholarship.