The Princeton University Department of Politics is pleased to announce that Arthur Spirling will join the department in 2023-2024.  

Spirling specializes in political methodology and legislative behavior, with an interest in the application of text-as-data/natural language processing (NLP), Bayesian statistics, machine learning, item response theory and generalized linear models in political science. “No one has contributed more than Spirling to creating and sustaining interdisciplinary institutions for data curation, research, and education in NLP and text-as-data methods in political science. His research and expertise are greatly relevant to all subfields of political science, and will enrich our department." said Rocio Titiunik, Professor of Politics.

Spirling, who holds a Ph.D. from the University of Rochester, is currently Professor of Politics and Data Science at New York University, where he has also held a variety of administrative roles.

Spirling is a pioneer and a leader in the field of text-as-data. In addition to his extensive publication record, he was the founding director of the Text as Data Association, which “is concerned with the development and application of computational, quantitative methods for social scientific and humanistic inquiry into human behavior,” and organizes the annual New Directions in Analyzing Text as Data conference.

In 2018 Spirling won the Society for Political Methodology’s Emerging Scholar Award, which recognizes “a young researcher, within ten years of their degree, who is making notable contributions to the field of political methodology.”

Spirling’s appointment as Professor of Politics will begin on July 1, 2023.