The Department of Politics will compute honors on the following basis:

  • senior thesis - 35%
  • junior independent work - 15% (fall 7.5%; spring 7.5%)
  • departmental courses** - 50%

**The Department will calculate Honors based only on those Politics courses that have been taken for a grade up to and including Fall 2019, in addition to any Spring 2020 courses that were also taken for a grade, and any graded departmental courses taken in Fall 2020 and beyond. In the case that a current Politics major took a course in Spring 2020 on a P/D/F basis, those grades will NOT factor into the Honors calculation or Departmental GPA, but will count as having completed the course, provided that the student has received a passing grade. [This exception only applies to Politics courses taken during Spring 2020.]

The proportion of concentrators receiving Honors varies from year to year. In recent years (as of the Class of 2021), approximately 8% of the graduating class received Highest Honors, 22% received High Honors, and 42% received Honors.

NOTE: The senior thesis poster grade does not factor into the Honors calculation.  However, submitting a poster and presenting it at the poster session is a requirement towards graduation.