Please note: Courses offerings listed below are tentative and subject to change.

Spring 2024

Course Number Course Title Instructor Subfield
POL 230/SPI 325 Introduction to Comparative Politics Wiedemann CP
POL 240/SPI 312 International Relations Blair IR
POL 303 Modern Political Theory Conti PT
POL 305 Radical Political Thought Mueller PT
POL 316 Civil Liberties George AP/PT
POL 318 Law and Society Staszak AP
POL 320 Judicial Politics Kastellec AP
POL 321 American Political Thought Whittington AP/PT
POL 324 Congressional Politics Lee AP
POL 327 Mass Media and American Politics Guess AP
POL 332 American Statesmanship: The Art of Statesmanship and the Political Life Brooks Other
POL 335 The Political Economy of the United States McCarty AP
POL 346* Applied Quantitative Analysis Londregan FQ
POL 347/ECO 347* Game Theory in Politics Iaryczower FQ
POL 351/SPI 311/LAS 371 The Politics of Development Kohli CP
POL 357/SPI 314/GSS 399/SAS 357 Gender and Development Goyal CP
POL 376

Dictators and Their Demise

POL 380 Human Rights Bass IR
SPI 315/POL 393 Grand Strategy Friedberg IR
POL 396 International Organizations Vreeland IR
POL 403/CHV 403/ARC 405/URB 403 Architecture and Democracy Mueller PT
POL 422/GSS 422 Gender and American Politics McConnaughy AP
POL 423 AP Seminar: Free Speech and the Law Whittington AP
POL 431(new) CP Seminar: The Political Economy of Latin America Tunon CP
POL 432 (new) CP Seminar: Democratic Backsliding van Noort CP
POL 442 IR Seminar: Contesting Globalization-Actors, Interests, and Outcomes Kapstein IR
POL 476/CHV 476 Global Political Thought Mehta PT
CHV XXX/POL XXX (new) Democratic Theory Mehta PT

Subfield Key

AP: American Politics
CP: Comparative Politics
FQ: Formal & Quantitative
IR: International Relations
PT: Political Theory

*Denotes that a course satisfies the department's analytical requirement for concentrators.