Please note: Courses offerings listed below are tentative and subject to change.

Spring 2023

Course Number Course Title Instructor Subfield
POL 210 Political Theory Mehta PT
POL 230/SPI 325 Introduction to Comparative Politics Wiedemann CP
POL 303 Modern Political Theory McQueen PT
POL 304 Conservative Political Thought Mueller PT
POL 329 Policy Making in America Cameron AP
POL 332 American Statesmanship: Topic TBA Brooks Other
POL 3xx (new) Gender and Development Goyal CP
POL 3xx (new) Antidiscrimination Law Frymer AP
POL 344/AAS 344 Race and Politics in the United States Stephens-Dougan AP
POL 346* Applied Quantitative Analysis Ratkovic FQ
POL 347/ECO 347* Game Theory in Politics Iaryczower FQ
POL 351/SPI 311 The Politics of Development Kohli CP
POL 360 Social Movements and Revolutions Beissinger CP
POL 364/NES 322

Politics of the Middle East

Aziz CP
POL 376 Dictators and Their Demise Xu CP
POL 380 Human Rights Bass IR
SPI 315/POL 393 Grand Strategy Friedberg/Ikenberry IR
POL 396 International Organizations Vreeland IR
POL 420 AP Seminar: Money in American Politics Li AP
POL 422/GSS 422 Gender and American Politics McConnaughy AP
POL 4xx (new) AP Seminar: Time in Politics Prior AP
POL 440 IR Seminar: Politics of International Finance and Development Ahmed IR
POL 443 IR Seminar: Violent Non-State Actors in World Politics Blair IR
POL 455/GSS 435 LGBTQ Politics: Identity, Voice, Policy Reynolds AP/CP
POL 474/CHV 474 Media and Democracy: Normative and Empirical Perspectives Mueller PT
POL 476/CHV 476 Global Political Thought Mehta PT
POL xxx/CHV xxx (new) Environmental Political Thought Stilz PT
POL xxx (new) The Philosophy of Law in America Snell Other

Subfield Key

AP: American Politics
CP: Comparative Politics
FQ: Formal & Quantitative
IR: International Relations
PT: Political Theory

*Denotes that a course satisfies the department's analytical requirement for concentrators.