Please note: Courses offerings listed below are tentative and subject to change.

Spring 2023

Course Number Course Title Instructor
POL 505 Experimental Methods in Political Science Gulzar
POL 506 Qualitative Methods Mosley
POL 513 Tocqueville & Mill: Democracy & Liberalism, Revolution & Empire Conti
POL 516 Politics of the Middle East: Authoritarianism in Comparative Perspective Jamal/Nugent
POL 528 Comparative Politics: Institutions Widner & Wiedemann
POL 538 Comparative Political Behavior Pop-Eleches
POL 542 American Political Institutions Kastellec
POL 563 Philosophy of Law George
POL 570C Formal Theory: CP Gieczewski
POL 572 Quantitative Analysis I  Titiunik
POL 574 Quantitative Analysis III Londregan
POL 575 Formal Political Analysis Judd
POL 584/ECO 576 Foundations of Political Economy Iaryczower
POL 585 International Political Economy Milner
POL 592 Social Movements and Revolution Beissinger
POL 5XX Contemporary Political Theory and Migration Macedo/Stilz
POL 5XX Liberalism, Neutrality, Liberty Patten
POL 5XX Race and Politics White
POL 5XX The U.S. - China Rivalry Friedberg
POL 593 AP Grad Research Seminar McCarty
POL 593 CP Grad Research Seminar Goyal
Pol 593 IR Grad Research Seminar Blair
POL 593 PT Grad Research Seminar Stilz