Please note: Courses offerings listed below are tentative and subject to change.

Spring 2022

Course Number

Course Title Instructor
POL 528 Comparative Politics: Institutions  Widner
POL 536 Theories of International Order  Ikenberry
POL 538 Comparative Political Behavior Pop-Eleches
POL 547 Identity Politics* White
POL 552 Media and Politics Guess
POL 554 International Security Studies Friedberg
POL 565 Theories of Judicial Review  Whittington
POL 570B Seminar in Formal Theory: AP (Half Term) Judd
POL 570C Seminar in Formal Theory: CP (Half Term) Gieczewski
POL 572 Quantitative Analysis II Ratkovic
POL 575 Formal Political Analysis Judd
POL 584/ECO 576 Foundations of Political Economy Iarczyower
POL 585 International Political Economy Mosely
POL 588 Political Theory of the French Revolution Conti
POL 5XX (NEW) Critical Theory OR 20th Century Political Thought Mueller