I obtained a B.Sc in Mathematics with Statistics from Imperial College London and an M.Phil in Social Science from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. My research interests span from comparative political behavior, political psychology, authoritarian politics, and to quantitative methods, with a specific focus on understanding citizens’ political attitudes and behavior from psychology in authoritarian countries. My work has appeared in British Journal of Political Science, Governance, and World Development.

Selected Publications

Yang, Wenhui, and Xiaoxiao Shen. ”Can Social Welfare Buy Mass Loyalty? Evidence from China”. Governance (2020): 1-21.

Shen, Xiaoxiao, and Rory Truex. ”In Search of Self-Censorship”. British Journal of Political Science (2020): 1-13.

Shen, Xiaoxiao, and Kellee S. Tsai. ”Institutional Adaptability in China: Local Developmental Models under Changing Economic Conditions.” World Development 87 (2016): 107-127.