Sondre is a Woodrow Wilson Scholar and Doctoral Candidate at Princeton University. Dissertation: Political Competition in Dynamic Economies - Essays on Technology, Politics, and Investment.

His research centers on the allocation of resources, technology, and the role of money and other fungible resources in political competition. He is a Student Associate at the Niehaus Center for Globalization and Governance, and a Graduate Fellow at the International Center for Security Studies.

Sondre is also a columnist for Agenda, a Norwegian magazine for political analysis. Sondre studied International Relations (B.A. with Honors) at New York University, Psychology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and Mandarin Chinese at Peking University. Prior to his studies, he served as a conscript and medic in the North Brigade of the Norwegian Army.

Selected Honors and Awards

Fellowship of Woodrow Wilson Scholars (2018/2019, Princeton University)

Alexander Hamilton Best Paper Award (“Democracy’s Innovation Advantage: How Political System Matters for Technological Change”, NYU)

College of Arts and Science Alumni Association Award (NYU) 

Phi Beta Kappa (NYU) 

Founder's Day Award (NYU) 

National Service Medal (Norway)