Dela Kpo is a PhD Candidate in the Politics Department at Princeton University.

Her research interests sit at the intersection of Human Geography and African Comparative Politics. Specifically, she is interested in the role of the state in development and governance, and in the actors and institutions that emerge in the absence of the state.

Her current and upcoming projects examine the role of migration (emigrants, expatriates, and repatriates) in private sector development and governance; identity and political behavior (especially alternative forms of political engagement); spatial inequality of power; the politics of housing markets in African cities; and governance by state and non-state actors.

Dela is interested in mixed-method approaches to research and causal inference.

Prior to Princeton, Dela received a B.A in Human Geography (International Development concentration) from Dartmouth College with a minor in Government. She was previously the manager of the $20 million books division of MBI Inc. and is a founding partner of E-Connect Global Africa Limited (EGAL), a Ghanaian social-enterprise that develops service-delivery solutions for state institutions and private sector clients. EGAL owns a suite of platforms that improve domestic commerce and allow small and medium-sized businesses (both formal and informal) to extend the geographical reach of their products and services.

Key words: Private Sector Development, Human-Centered Development, Migration, Agenda Setting, Urbanization, Political Ecology, Political Geography, Comparative Political Economy, Political Culture