International Order in Crisis

instructor: MARZENNA JAMES

The workshop will deal with the critical challenges to the international order in the 20th and 21st centuries. Given that Europe has overcome many crises, the workshop will use European and transatlantic politics as the main examples of research, but the students can explore a key development in the area of international relations and foreign policies anywhere in the world.

The introduction will cover the following questions as examples of the starting point of research: What are the mechanisms of multilateral cooperation between the United States and Europe, and between countries within Europe?  What are the main political problems in Europe or in the European Union? How do they impact transatlantic cooperation? What is the importance of Brexit for transatlantic relations and the viability of the European Union as an economic and political unit in international relations? What is the nature of the challenge posed by Russian and/or Chinese foreign policies vis-à-vis the European Union/individual states in Europe/the United States?

The goal of the workshop is to initiate the students into the process of independent research: to understand its underlying logic. The main emphasis will be on the basic methodological foundations upon which the students will design their own research projects.